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[AV Media Matters] Broke my heart

My company just moved. We moved from a huge facility to a nice little
shop with new Pro Tools systems.
Before the move I advertised locally to sell some analog 1/4" decks. Actually, I advertised on this list about two years ago. No
I did manage to sell two Studer A810's .Both for $500. One worked

fine and the other for parts. But, I had to GIVE away two working
Studer 807's. I gave them away.
But, sadly, I had to dumpster about 7 Revox PK III's and an old Hitachi one inch video tape machine.
Actually, I gave away two rooms of used audio and video stuff. I

couldn't sell it. One little man who came to our public sale and stayed

late, got to take it all for nothing. We were under time pressure to leave the old place and get the new shop up and running.
Finally, due to a dumpster that was getting full, I had to sledge

hammer a beautiful MCI 1/4 deck into little pieces to make it fit. The owner couldn't watch. Years earlier he had taken out a second mortgage
on his house to get that machine. It was built like a tank and took quite a

while to get it busted up.

I wish I had more time before the move to get these machines to happy homes. But the decision to move was made quickly and we took desperate measures. Actually, to see how uninterested people were about

audio compressors and exciters, motion control camera stands, grid
lighting systems and studio lights, made me think. I guess our industry is
really changing. I'm sad about all of the previously precious equipment but we have to step firmly into the future. Its gone and being forgotten now.
But those new Pro Tools HD systems really rock!

Oh yeah, We couldn't bring ourselves to give away or toss the three

AMS Neve Logic 3's we still have. They are in long term storage. We
will pull them out one day and laugh. They are for sale.

Things are changing folks!

Mark P

rockvile md us na terra soslys orionarm.......

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