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Re: [AV Media Matters] SVHS Correction & Preservation

Agreed. Current 4 mm and 8 mm helical scan tapes use powerful
Reed-Solomon product codes for error correction that are similar to
those used for all DVD formats.


Jim Wheeler wrote:
> Jerry
> Yes, I was referring to VIDEO DVD-Rs and I forgot to make that
> distinction.
> Regards interchange,  I was the Ampex person responsible for
> for
> all Ampex helical videotape recorders except for the industrial
> made
> in Chicago in the sixties.  I analyzed all of the variables and made
> sure
> that the SMPTE standards that were adopted would produce videotapes
> were
> totally interchangable among all of the VTR manufacturers.
> Regards error correction, the Ampex digital videotape recorders had
> incredibly good error correction.  I scraped about a square inch of
> oxide off
> a D2 tape and the video did not appear degraded in a room with normal
> light.
> I'm sure that if I looked at the video output in a dark room I would
> have
> noticed a degradation in the video.
> Jim Wheeler

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