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FW: [AV Media Matters] Uncompressed Video File Formats

So now we become Matrox develelopers? I certainly don't have a problem
with that...

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From: "Ignacio Salo" <isaloavmatters@hotmail.com>
Sent: 11/26/02 11:43:26 AM
To: "AV Media Matters" <AV-Media-Matters@topica.com>
Subject: Re: [AV Media
 Matters] Uncompressed Video File Formats

In terms of cards using uncompresesed or lossless for
post-production we are currently doing it with Pinnacle Targa 3000
(uncompressed) and Matrox Digisuite (lossless), both with the
discontinued discreet edit software. It is easier to become a Matrox
developer rather than a Targa one. Both cards easily generate AVI

I don't know their plans to support MXF but if someone will do it I
am sure they will be on the front line.

Hope this helps,

Ignacio Sal=F3
ANTENA 3 - Spain

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From: "James Lindner" <jim@media-matters.net>
To: <AV-Media-Matters@topica.com>
Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 3:03 PM
Subject: [AV Media Matters] Uncompressed Video File Formats

> I was wondering what people are using for uncompressed file formats
> video post production. I do not mean "best" quality MPEG or MJPEG - I
> mean uncompressed or lossless compressed. Also what cards are people
> using to generate these files?
>  I am looking at the 10 bit Video Vodoo card, and it looks very good -
> and although they have a proprietary format we can become a developer
> and get the keys - and then do a translator to an open format that we
> can stick into AAF or MXF (although that is much harder then it sounds).
> Does anyone have any experience with other file formats - or something
> even available now that could be put into an AAF or MXF. I can't figure
> out if OMF ever supported real uncompressed video. Also very interested
> in LossLESS compressed file formats  people might be using.
> thanks.
> James Lindner

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