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Re: [AV Media Matters] Uncompressed Video File Formats

> A very helpful reply - but I need to ask... I have to use a pc type
> platform because the need is for a system that we are designing that is
> all pc - windows and linux but still - pc.

Oh, you're one of *those*...   :-)

> Since the cards are pci I would think that they would work

Well, they'd plug in, and it's unlikely that applying power would
let the Magic Smoke escape, but you won't have any software support.

http://www.bluefish444.com/ makes the PC equivalents of the Digital
Voodoo cards. Looks like the Wildblue AV may be your best bet.

The VideoPump D1 looks good too. It was developed at ViewGraphics
and Chris Pirazzi wrote the 601 file format spec for QuickTime while
he was there. I see the board is now sold by Optibase, and while I
can d/l the PDFs, the board itself doesn't seem to be listed on the
website, so it may no longer be on offer.

Both the VideoPump and Wildblue should have Windows SDKs available.
There doesn't seem to be much available for GNU/Linux, probably
because (according to the kernel hackers I know) GNU/Linux makes a
lousy platform for low-latency realtime work. FreeBSD is held in
higher regard as far as that goes, so you might want to investigate
developing for the FreeBSD-derived Mac OS X instead. (Normally I
would say that Macs and PCs play together quite nicely, but as both
AFP and SMB networking protocols are suffering from severe
data-corruption bugs during large-file access in OS X 10.2 I won't
even get NEAR it...)

cw_uncompcc_bguide.htm has a decent list of the choices, including
links to the above.

Adam Wilt

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