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Re: [AV Media Matters] Uncompressed Video File Formats

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James Lindner wrote:

> I was wondering what people are using for uncompressed file formats for
> video post production... I am looking at the 10 bit Video Vodoo card,...
> Also very interested in LossLESS compressed file formats people might
> be using.

Have a look at Marco's codec tests at
http://www.onerivermedia.com/codecs/index.htm and also snuffle though
Kim's article "uncompressed 10-bit capture boards for the Mac" at
http://www.dv.com/features/ (registration required).

You might want to check out the new $995 DeckLink at
http://www.blackmagic-design.com/ which uses Grant Petty's excellent
codec, same as the Aja Kona.

Theory LLCs' Microcosm codec does a great job of compressing losslessly
while minimizing file size, too.

Adam Wilt

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