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RE: [AV Media Matters] Digest for AV-Media-Matters@topica.com, issue 421

IMX - a 50Mbps MPEG2 422P format - seems very likely to take over from
digibeta, although I don't think this is the official position of Sony.
The DV high bit rate formats (also 50Mbps) are good aswell.

For all practical purposes including both operational archiving and long
term preservation of analogue video tapes, these formats (digibeta and
and DV) are 99.99999% transparent - no realistic test by eye or any
measurement system will reveal any differences on programme material.

These formats are also potentially convertible to computer files for IT
storage, without changing the compression format (i.e. transparently). 
In fact, IT solutions are the future - just buy an encoder and store the
file - the technologies are there! This could also provide uncompressed
No manufacturer is likely to bring out an uncompressed tape format.

Compression is only one of many factors to consider when transferring
formats to new.
In my opinion it is considerations like physical durability of the tape,
manufacturer's support in the future, a big user base and a probable
lifetime - and capital and operational budgets - which are much more
important than the theoretical reservations about a bit of compression.
In the big equation, chose light compression (50Mbps or even 20-25Mbps)
concentrate on the important factors.

Tony Gardner
European Commission, Brussels.
These opinions do not necessarily reflect any official position of my

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	Uncompressed digital tape
	By scott_turner@wgbh.org


Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2002 09:50:32 -0400
From: scott_turner@wgbh.org
Subject: Uncompressed digital tape

Can anyone tell me the probability that the market will soon provide a
"reasonably" priced uncompressed digital videotape in the near future?
I'm asking because some of our productions are considering transferring
their archived 1-inch masters to digital beta.  Does anyone see a format
that will replace digital beta?

Scott Turner
WGBH Archives


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