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Re: [AV Media Matters] Containers for long-term storage ofmedia


Not allowing the air to circulate in a tape storage room is a bad idea
but I 
have no evidence to support my conjecture.  All of the tape storage
rooms I 
have been in have some type of air circulating system that keeps the 
temperature at a comfortable level.

The two most critical factors for long-term storage of tape are low
and the proper rewind of the tape before it is placed in storage.  The 
humidity should be 25-30 percent RH.

Fire suppression can be handled two ways.
1.  Dry pipe.  The sprinkler pipes in the storage room do not contain
until the main water valve is turned on by excessive temperature.

2.  Two sensors.  A low temperature sensor sets off the alarm but does
turn on the sprinkler heads.  A second sensor is set to the local fire
specification and will turn on the sprinkler heads.  Hopefully, someone
put out the fire before the second sensor is triggered.

Most plastic cassettes will continue to outgas for many years.

Jim Wheeler

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