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[AV Media Matters] Studio Design

Hey guys
I am an 18 year old novice in the audio
world. I am 
from South Africa, and I am currently busy with the first year of my 
electronical engineering course at the University of Stellenbosch.
I am extremely interested in the science of sound 
and the design of music studios (acoustical treatment, etc.), as well as
design of audio equipment (amplifiers/loudspeakers). The problem is that
few people in South Africa know anything about the field, and therefore
advice on what to do to become an audio engineer is scarce.
I thought that maybe you guys could give me some 
Lets just start off by asking what types of job 
oppurtunities currently exist in the field, and do you guys think that I
studying the right course keeping in mind that there are currently no 
specialised sound courses available?
Thank you.
Henno Gous,
South Africa
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