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RE: [AV Media Matters] Video studio floor

gerardk@naa.gov.au wrote:
> We are about to fit-out a new video studio and are unsure about the
> floor.
> We are looking at either - Industrial heavy duty lint free synthetic
> carpet,
> or, Vinyl (heavy duty linoleum) with heavy impact rubber safety mats.
> Any advice would be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Gerard Kleist
> Preservation Services
> National Archives of Australia 
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> Chester Hill NSW 2162       Chester Hill NSW 2162 
> Telephone: 02 9645 0144
> Facsimile: 02 9645 0108
> Email: gerardk@naa.gov.au
> Internet: <<http://www.naa.gov.au/>>

It is unclear from your email whether this is a video studio where shows 
are recorded (i.e. cameras and talent and sets) or a "studio" where 
tapes are duplicated or transferred or where post-production is done (or 
any combination of the above).

For a post-production or transfer type studio I strongly recommend 
raised computer flooring. There are many reasons for it, but basically 
it allows tremendous flexability at a very reasonable price, and allows 
you to easily add or modify the facility. In certain facility design the 
space beneath the floor can be an air conditoning plenum which has 
definate advantages in that you can easily direct the cold air where you 
need it. Of course having the wires there is the whole idea - the 
alternative of wire chases is never as satisfactory over the long run. I 
have seen some chases so big that eventually they had to be cut out with 
a chain saw (no kidding - this is true). There are several types of tile 
that you can purchase for a raised flooring system. It is now very 
common for entire floors of buildings to have raised flooring, so there 
are many architectural systems - and the choice of material for the 
floor tiles is almost limitless. There is static free carpet in all 
sorts of designer colors and patterns and of course tile which is my 
preferance - although it does provide some sonic challenges. The area 
beneath the floor also causes sound issues in a number of ways - 
particularly in the transmission and amplification of any vibration - so 
this has to be taken carefully into account. I built a facility once and 
the biggest problem in the facility was that the air handler which was 
NOT mounted on the computer floor, but was sitting on the concrete 
sub-floor created a great deal of noise. We could not get rid of it. 
Eventually we used some sound foam, and also made sure that there was no 
contact between the air handler and the floor,  and it mitigated it 
somewhat - but that was a very expensive lesson to learn. I cannot 
recommend carpet in a facility that is designed to be a "clean" facility 
- all carpet - even short pile becomes a dirt trap that eventually gets 
into your media - but if this is a multi use studio then this is 
probably not a major issue.

If this studio is a studio where there are camera and talent - a raised 
floor will not work for several reasons, one of which the bumps that the 
dollys will have when they go over a seam. Not subtle - the picture goes 
bump..... Generally studios of this sort have an underlayment that is 
glued to the foundation (assuming this is a ground floor) concrete slab, 
and then have a seamless flooring or a tile flooring that can be easily 
maintained (and ripped up). Vinyl flooring is a good choice depending on 
the specific product - you don't want anything that needs waxing.

You may want to consider a consultant for your project - a good 
consultant can save you a great deal more then their fee by getting it 
right the first time. Getting studios "right" is definately not easy - 
it takes experience. Sometimes it is so wrong that you have to rip the 
whole place apart to the bare walls and start from scratch. A very 
expensive proposition. 

James Lindner

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