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[AV Media Matters] I stumbled across an interesting article...

I have been doing some reading on transcoding lately. There is an
interesting issue  the consider the migration FROM MPEG 2 to MPEG 4.
There are significant differences between the two standards and it is
interesting (to me at least) to look at the process of considering how
one could transcode - particularly in a high bitrate environment. I.E.
how would one transcode from a very high quality MPEG 2 picture - say at
50 megabits WITHOUT having to go back to video again. I think that many
people think that it is a simple thing. It isn't.

In any event I stumbled across an excellent article that discusses some
of the issues and looks at some approaches for transcoding in broadcast
environments. It get's pretty technical but is well written.


I hope you enjoy it.


James Lindner

General Manager VidiPax Division
VidiPax - The Magnetic Media Restoration Company

Executive Vice-President
Loudeye Technologies

450 West 31 Street
New York, N.Y.  10001
212-563-1999 ext. 102

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