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[AV Media Matters] "on Vacation" auto respond on email

This is a reminder to PLEASE do not use an autoresponder on your email
telling me that you are going on vacation. I am VERY HAPPY you are going
on vacation - really - but the problem is that every single post that
goes out on the list gets me a post telling me that you are on vacation
- so you can imagine what happens if there are 5 posts a day and 100 of
you have autorespond on! YIKES..... 500 vacation posts a day that I need
to weed out because some of them are not autoresponds at all but
postings - they all look alike from the outside wrapper!!

So please (ok pretty please)... darn it - ok - pretty pretty please with
whipped cream on top -  if you go on vacation either don't turn the
autorespond on - or if you have to turn it on - then please go to
www.topica.com and change your delivery preferances while you are away.
IF you don't and I am forced to do that - then I will grudgingly have to
- but I will NOT turn it back on when you return....

fair warning! Thanks for the help.


James Lindner

General Manager VidiPax Division
VidiPax - The Magnetic Media Restoration Company

Executive Vice-President
Loudeye Technologies

450 West 31 Street
New York, N.Y.  10001
212-563-1999 ext. 102

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