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Re: [AV Media Matters] Fire protection

In response to the email sent on 6/28/01 2:35 PM from rohre@ARLUT.UTEXAS.EDU

>I would investigate the sprinkler systems that drop inert chemicals upon
>smoke and heat detection from a fire, and sound an alarm direct to the Fire
>Such systems are sold in the computer room market.

These systems require expensive planning and installation by certified
professionals. In NYC, one of the large banks (DTC) had a system planned,
which was never approved and was improperly installed. When a pregnant
employee got locked in the vault room, 10000 sq. ft., she pulled the fire
alarm to sound an escape. She stayed locked in while the system pumped CO2
in and suffocated her. She died hours later. This is not an Urban Legend.

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