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RE: [AV Media Matters] Digital audio file formats

We are embarking on a similar project - planning to migrate and compress
Betacam SX recordings - and I would be grateful if replies to Bob's query
were posted to the list.

Thank you/Diolch

Moderators Comment:
Now if I read this correctly this is an interest in compressing BetacamSX
recordings that are already compressed! That is actually very interesting
and brings the whole transcoding issue front and center. I suspect that the
only way to really migrate these in other then the native compressed format
would be to turn then into VIDEO and then recompress them, and there may be
some interesting problems created in doing this. The cancatenation of
compression algorithms is really an interesting issue that has not been
discussed much - it might be very interesting to take this material and re
compress it using mpeg4 - I would be interested to see what the results

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From: amipa2@pobox.alaska.net [mailto:amipa2@pobox.alaska.net]
Sent: 26 June 2001 20:30
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Subject: [AV Media Matters] Digital audio file formats

We're designing a preservation plan for the Alaska state government,
for their collections of legislative recordings. We are planning on
advising that instead of making preservation copies to a tape format
or CD, digitization and storage on hard drives be done (stored
off-site from the original tapes), achieving access copies and
backup migration in one step. Any thoughts or concerns anyone has
with this, I'd be pleased if you'd pass them along.

I'd also like to hear suggestions regarding file formats to capture
in- ".wav" files have been suggested. Anyone willing to comment (on
or off the record) on this vital decision area, please contact me.
It is highly likely the data will end up on one of the state's
servers, so there will also be other copies of the data out "in the
world" once we digitize.

Bob Curtis-Johnson
Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association

Alaska Moving Image Preservation Association
phone 907-279-8433
fax   907-276-0450

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