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[AV Media Matters] Fire protection

Our collection is stored in a room, on the second floor of the building,
that has two brick walls and two 'dry' walls. The ceilings are fairly low
and the tapes are stored in their box containers on steel shelving. There
are no windows. The area is at a remote side of the building and over
weekends totally isolated.

We are now attempting to upgrade the security of this area. We would like to
1) What could you recommend to replace the dry walls, if brick seems
complicated and difficult (due to the positioning of the area);
2) What fire extinguishers would you recommend?
3) What safety doors would you recommend?

ilse assmann

Ilse Assmann
Manager: Sound Archives & Audio Library
eMail address: assmanni@sabc.co.za
Tel: ++27 11 714-4041
Fax: ++27 11 714-4281
Cell Phone: ++27 83 709-5577
PO Box 931
2006 Auckland Park
South Africa

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