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Re: [AV Media Matters] DVD-R White Paper

I was speaking to one of my vendors yesterday and was informed that HHB is
coming out with a DVD burner, may also do CD-R (SVCDs). All digital inputs
accepted, serial, 1394, optical, etc., as well as composite and Y/C.

Uses V.3 software rather than A03, so it can do authoring as well if I am
understanding correctly. Expected in 2 months, list $2400, street maybe 2k.

Pretty exciting stuff.........

Joe Salerno
Video Works! Is it working for you?
PO Box 273405 - Houston TX 77277-3405
Fax: 603-415-7616
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>I have a few more questions about the new Pioneer DVR-AO3 drive.
>I understand that the Pioneer drive adds the CMF files needed to create a
>glass master. My question is can I supply a general use DVD-R to a
>replicator and have them transfer it to a Mastering DVD with CMF files to
>use for glass mastering?
>My understanding is the DVR-A03 drive is a 2x IDE drive and the older
>DVR-S201 drive is an SCSI 1x drive.  Will Pioneer be offering a new 2x SCSI
>Does any one know when software will be available for burning Data to DVD-Rs
>on the AO3 drive.  The software currently shipping with the A03 drive is
>Sonic's DVD-It.  This software can only burn Video.  Does anyone know if
>Nero or Easi CD Creator is working on DVD-R drivers?
>John Norman
>Max Optical
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