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RE: [AV Media Matters] DVDR Media Types

the dvd forum began work on splitting the dvd-r format
several years ago, when hollywood discovered that the
1st pioneer drives were capable of making bit-for-bit
copies of prerecorded dvd movies (that is, they could
copy the disc's CSS key data).

hollywood's copy protection demands continue to drive
the format split, as major consumer electronics
manufacturers mull over introducing standalone dvd-r
decks (some incoprorating hard disks as well, a la

re: cheaper lasers:

i've been told by pioneer that since the 650nm lasers
are the same types as in consumer DVD players, they
are indeed cheaper to manufacture and generally more
available than the 635nm type. this is one of the
factors enabling a cheap price point for the "general"
drives (it is only a $500 option on those apple and
compaq PCs...)

re: media composition differences:

as prices go down for general-use dvd-r media in the
coming months/years, it seems safe to expect
manufacturers to reduce their materials costs as much
as possible: using less polycarbonate, cheaper
reflective layer materials, cheaper dyes.

terence keegan, medialine

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