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Re: [AV Media Matters] non-linear editing systems: HELP!

Another system you may want to look at is DPS' Velocity. I use the system
and am very happy with its performance and features. www.dps.com

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>We began teaching dv production this year using Apple's Final Cut with
>considerable success. It's relatively accessible and inexpensive compared
>to Avid and Media 100, the only others I have experience with. Apple is
>also fairly supportive and offer various free workshops and new product
>launches which I have found helpful. You can sign up for announcements
>concerning both free and fee workshops in your area throughout the year @
>This address was to unsubscribe but hopefully you can subscribe here as
>well. There are a number of seminars being offered this month. I have the
>Canadian dates but I'm not sure where you are writing from. I think you're
>in the U.S.
>>I work for a small university media center. I am looking
>>to put together a dv-based non-linear system.  I was wondering
>>if anyone had any suggestions for good video-capture cards, good
>>systems, or even any good companies that can help me put together
>>a decent system.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Rob Macmorine
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