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Re: [AV Media Matters] Long-term presentation: digital


Density has little to do with it.  If a human could not be expected to read
and interpret the bits 500 years from now, I suspect most archivists will
not be interested. As I was recently informed, "The ONLY reliable visual,
technology independent, preservation standard is storage as human
decipherable objects."  Note: pictures on cave walls do qualify (the use of
text is probably arguable either way).  I think you audio guys are just out
of luck.

Jim Wheeler <Jimwheeler@aol.com> on 09/28/2000 09:39:07 AM

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Subject:  Re: [AV Media Matters] Long-term presentation: digital

Mike said:
<< Perhaps we need to start carving bits into stone slabs or clay

I already suggested this and got no takers.  I believe the density has to
improved before archivists will buy into a new technology like this.

Jim Wheeler

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