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Re: Sound restoration technology (was [AV Media Matters] AES)

Dick (and I'm copying the list to invite confirmations/flames), I like
Sek'd products (www.sekd.com) and have re-released three albums on two CDs
made from 10-23 year old analog master tapes that were cleaned up using
this stuff. Red Roaster is their low-end (features wise) but I believe has
most of the tools you'll need. The DeClicker is extra (which I have).



At 08:49 AM 09/26/2000 -0700, you wrote:

>Hi there,
>I was wondering if anyone here knows an ongoing source of de-noise
>technology discussion or in general, where to "keep up" on the ongoing
>advances in the removal of unwanted noise from old recordings and the
>restoration of the sound.
>As an individual, the CEDARs of this world are beyond my means, but then
>again the "Sound Forges" were beyond my imagination just a few short years
>ago. Without the equipment to compare for myself, I have to take the
>opinions of the scant few who are willing to comment, and on one hand I
>that "with care, lesser products perform just as well as more expensive
>solutions, in the hands of careful users." On the other hand, I hear that
>"there is no substitute for (fill in blank)"
>Periodically, I do web searches for noise reduction developments and get
>sporadic reviews and commentary if I dig far enough, but surely there are
>better ways to find out whats true and what's new ? <g>
>Dick Jurgens
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>From: <smolians@erols.com>
>To: <AV-Media-Matters@topica.com>
>Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 3:55 AM
>Subject: Re: [AV Media Matters] AES
>> Is Audiocube a necessary front end to be able to use Quadriga?
>> Steve Smolian
>> Moderators Comment:
>> Actually it is more the other way around - If you go to the web site and
>> press the news button there is the press release. Then press on the word
>> Quadriga which is in the headline "VIDIPAX FIRST TO OFFER AUTOMATED
>> ARCHIVAL WITH 'QUADRIGA'" it will take you to a prodct information page.
>> some exploration at the site and you will also find a powerpoint
>> presentation that you can download to learn more. I am afraid that this
>> thread is making me more and more uncomfortable - I am not a Sascom
>> representative. Check it out on your own.
>> jim lindner
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>> From: <mwcpc6@aol.com>
>> To: <AV-Media-Matters@topica.com>
>> Sent: Tuesday, September 26, 2000 8:57 AM
>> Subject: Re: [AV Media Matters] AES
>>> In a message dated 09/25/2000 8:19:47 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>>> jim@vidipax.com writes:
>>>>  Looks like you missed one of the booths Jim! Go to
>>>>  http://www.sascom.com
>>>>  and click on "News" to learn about a new technology being used to
>>>>  preserve audio!!
>>>>  Jim Lindner - President
>>>>  VidiPax -
>>> After "DeClicker, DeNoiser, DeCrackler, DeScratcher, DeClipper,
>>> RepairFilter, Azimuth, Spectralizer, Demotorizer, Multicomp, and
>>> SpectralDeHiss" I wonder what is left!
>>> It seems to me that there is a big difference between remastering and
>>> archival preservation. There is nothing wrong with producing a release
>> a
>>> historic recording that sounds as if it were recorded today.  However
>> there
>>> ought to exist somewhere a record of what the artifact was like to the
>>> people
>>> who produced and used it.
>>> Mike Csontos
>>> Moderators Comment:
>>> You need to read the press release more carefully and  more
>> read
>>> about the product at the web site. Quadriga is an automated system for
>>> documentation and analysis in archival transfers - AudioCube is an
>>> workstation with all the "tools". When using Quadriga you are not
>> any
>>> of the audiocube tools unless you want to get into an editing
>> in
>>> which case you can. Quadriga is used  to ANALYISE the audio stream.
>>>  I really feel uncomfortable with all of this - I am not a salesman
>> this
>>> stuff - just a customer, so investigate it on your own - bottom line -
>>> are not necessarily using the audiocube tools in preservation work -
>>> frankly in the work we do I doubt we will use them much at all unless
>> there
>>> is a particular problem - the importance in Quadriga has nothing to do
>> with
>>> workstation tools.
>>> jim lindner

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