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Re: [AV Media Matters] AES

If you are referring to Audiocube, I saw this demo'd.  It semed to do a few
things better than, a few as well as, and some more klutzily than other
products, just like most other products.

I loathe this site and others like it.  No prices are listed, and I'm never
going to put myself in the hands of a telephone salesman who will hard sell
me a product I always assume is way out of my price range.  PUT IN PRICES!

Steve Smolian

Moderators Comment:
More like a flesh and blood in the person sales person - this is not an
inexpensive thing but a rather expensive complex system and you really need
to see it operate - not from a phone - but more to the point....

The press release talks rather extensively about Quadriga which is the NEW
product - it does run on the audiocube platform but is a SUPERSET of
audiocube - so it is more then audiocube in several very interesting and
specialized areas. You can think of Quadriga as more of an archival
documentation and analysis station then an audio workstation - it really
takes things in a different direction. You might find the powerpoint
presentation that is at the site that gives a great deal more information -
highlight Quadriga in the press release and you get to more info. It does
include AudioCube but is much more then just audiocube or a filter or
another audio workstation product. But I am not a salesperson either - just
the first customer, and it will be installed tomorrow so we have more to

As far as prices - that is up to the manufacturer to include or not
include - I can tell you that the price varies rather dramatically depending
on what is included in the system and how it is configured - so it is not a
simple thing to price out and that is one reason it is not posted I guess -
but I can also tell you that it is VERY expensive - the reason to get it is
not price, it  is far more expensive then other products including Cedar and
Sonic and of course is more expensive then Audiocube - but it has some
unique capabilities that we find very useful for the type of work we do
here. We will soon see how it does in the real world. All products have
their plusses and minuses - but I have to say that this product has had some
real thought put into it and deserves a good look - this is not just another
audio workstation!


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>Jim Wheeler wrote:
>> There were about 500 Exhibitors showing how to create the material
>> archivists
>> end up with but no one showing how to preserve it!
>Looks like you missed one of the booths Jim! Go to
>and click on "News" to learn about a new technology being used to
>preserve audio!!
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