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Re[2]: [AV Media Matters] The Functions and Science of 'CD

Hi Jim

Jim> <I doubt if it is a very practical long-term solution, but who knows? >

Jim> My friend says that it works for small scratches.

I believe him.

Actually, I have repaired *light*  scratches with
nothing more than a pad of felt.  Heavy buffing over the affected
area, while it didn't *remove* the scratch (it was still visible) the
disc did play afterwards.

I guessed, at the time, the heat generated by the buffing slightly
rounded the edges of the scratch - enough for the player to be able to
cope with, anyway.  But I'm not advocating this as a repair method :-)

Jim> <I have certainly used toothpaste in the past>

Jim> What brand?  With Floride?

Ordinary plain white Colgate  - not sure about the additives, though.

Jim>  <- although I like to think we use a slightly more professional
Jim> these days - even if the results are largely empirical.>

Jim> We can make Turtle wax or toothpaste APPEAR professional by a bit
Jim> of creative packaging. Interested in starting a business? :)

No fear - I've got more than enough problems with the one I've already

Actually, there's many a true word....  some of the so-called
'professional' products around appear to be nothing more than clever
packaging of easily obtainable items.

Graeme Jaye


Audio Restoration and CD Repair

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