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RE: [AV Media Matters] Mould on 78 Records


On the subject of mold, a fine aid is the Technical publication
Series No. 1, entitled: Mold-Managing a Mold Invasion: Guidelines
for Disaster Response. It has been published by Conservation Center
for Art and Historic Artifacts, 264 South 23rd Street, Philadelphia,
PA 19103. Tel: +1-215-545-0613. It was published in 1996. This
document deals with health concerns; first response; inactivation
procedure; fungicides; cleaning and disinfecting and prevention

Also, check the archives of AMIA-L where I recently posted a report
from the JTS in Paris where we had a poster session about the
subject. The report includes various liquids tested to clean film.
LPs should be quite easy to clean.

Best regards,

Ed H. Zwaneveld,
National Film Board of Canada
Technological Research and Development,
and Chair AMIA Preservation Committee

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>Sent: 	Tuesday, May 23, 2000 3:48 PM
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>Subject: 	[AV Media Matters] Mould on 78 Records
>Hi Guys and Gals
>I am about to take on a fairly large job, which involves the transfer of
>(among other things) a fair number of 78 recordings.
>I have looked at a few of these - said to be representative of
the bulk -
>and they are generally in a fine condition, many unplayed.
However, I did
>notice that a small proportion had small spots of mould on them.
>Mould is not really a problem we have ever needed to worry about
>here.  The
>relatively few 78's we see have usually been played to death by their
>owners and mould has never been given a chance to take hold!  This
>collection is an entirely different kettle of fish.  If anyone
can give a
>few pointers about how to handle the problem of mould on
shellac records,
>then I shall be extremely grateful.  On or off list, as you prefer.
>Obviously, I need to clean it off (although I assume it will have eaten
>into the material).  The spots I have seen are very minor and I
>doubt if it
>will prove to be an audible problem.  More important, perhaps, would be
>some advice about how to prevent this happening again, if that is
>Also, while I am on the subject, some of these recordings will need to be
>re-pitched.  I know *when* the official changes of concert pitch were made
>- but does anyone have a broad view as to when these got into the
>mainstream of playing?  To clarify, a' was standardised at 440Hz in 1939,
>but how long would it have been before this change was actually reflected
>by the majority of orchestras?
>Many thanks in advance
>Graeme Jaye
>Personal-CD - Affordable Audio Restoration

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