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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD labels and inks

There are markers made for CDs, one that I have by Apogee, and I've heard
but seen no studies that water based products should be safe.

I've been using Neato & Memorex labels for stick on, again no one has
offered me any study of long term effects.

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Subject: [AV Media Matters] CD labels and inks

>I am archiving server files onto CD, as well as creating incremental
>backups every month.  So far I haven't written on the CDs themselves, or
>stuck any labels on for fear of corrupting/modifying the CD in some way.
>But this might pose a problem if the cases are ever swapped or damaged, as
>the only identification is on these.  The CDs are the only permanent
>archived backup we have so it is important they remain readable.
>I would like to ask the question: is there any "safe" way of labelling CDs?
>Either by sticking labels (what type of glue?) or by writing on them (what
>type of ink?)
> Thanks, and my apologies if this topic has already been covered.
> Ian

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