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Re: [AV Media Matters] CD labels and inks

At 05:29 24/02/00 -0800, you wrote:

>I would like to ask the question: is there any "safe" way of labelling CDs?
> Either by sticking labels (what type of glue?) or by writing on them (what
>type of ink?)

Personally, I would recommend that you go for a label rather than just
writing on the disc with a pen (even one of the 'correct' type).  The label
will also provide a degree of protection to the most easily (and
permanently!!) damaged side of the disc, whereas a pen provides nothing
other than identification.  There is not a lot between your valuable data
and the outside world on the top of a recordable CD.

There are plenty of companies who supply CD labelling systems and
materials.  I would avoid using labels from an 'unknown' source - the glue
does have to be of the correct type (and no, I don't know what that is).  I
would have thought that anything coming from a major company would be
acceptable though, as they have a reputation to protect and it would not
last long if they produced labels that destroyed their customers discs.  At
all events, use a label which is *designed* for the job, not just any old
sticky label that happens to be the right size.

If you want a personal recommendation, we have been using labels marketed
by a company called Neato for several years now and have never had a
problem which could be attributed to them.

As a side issue, considering the minimal cost of the discs and the value of
the data, do you not think that a backup of the backup would be a good
idea.  You should also keep the two backups in separate and different
locations - it's not a lot of good if the computer and its backups are all
in the same building when it catches fire!

Graeme Jaye

Personal-CD - Affordable Audio Restoration


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