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Re: [AV Media Matters] Inks

Hi folks.  I hope we will find a way to keep all our technical experts
contributing, even if that means the information comes through
intermediaries- we can't afford to lose any of our esteemed experts, all of
whom I have a great deal of respect for.  Everyone has different ways of
communicating with the world... vive la difference!

On a technical note, has anyone been thinking about the problems of film
shrinkage as regards a BW film data recorder?  Seems to me a scanning
device could self-adjust to each slightly different shape by hinging on
some corner alignment marks (or something more technically elaborate), not
unlike motion tracking in 3D-live action special effects work.  In
developing this idea, I fear many small (or even large) companies going off
in 3 different directions and putting 5 competing models on the market- no
different than today.  We need a single open format standard, and this will
likely take an economic model far different than our usual capitalist one.

Perhaps as archivists we should stick with known and tested durable media,
in this case film.  My greatest concern now is the environmental impact of
film chemicals.


Bob Curtis-Johnson
Alaska Moving Image

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