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[AV Media Matters] Beta Release of Convertafile

VidiPax is introducing several new products - one of which is a web
based file conversion service that I thought members of the list might
want to check out:


We have turned off the billing portion of the system for the beta
testing so go to the free trial section and try converting some files
for free. AND please let us know if you have any problems - the problem
reporting is built right into the site.  We have installed 3 huge IBM
servers and a very fast internet DSL line to deal with the traffic that
we are expecting - but we are sure that there might be a bug or two...
so please let us know if you find some - we are eager to hear your
comments. (no kidding)

The goal is to have an easy to use inexpensive utility to allow people
to convert from one format to another - well OK one FILE format to
another - but it is all the same... .isn't it?? So next time you get an
attachment from someone using a file format that you don't have on your
machine - check out convertafile.com and see if it will help.  Web based
and always there when you need it - you can easily read and send in what
ever file format is required for an application. We have quite a few
file formats supported, but there are many many more that will be
available in the near future including some very neat MPEG stuff. Maybe
a .wav to MPEG 3 converter.... who knows?? Maybe a video encoder too????
You Bet!

Jim Lindner
The Full Information Migration Company

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