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[AV Media Matters] Feast or Famine

There has recently been a number of new people added to the list -
and I wanted to welcome them - and tell the other list members that
we are rapidly approaching 600 members !!  The traffic on the list
seems to go up and down rather dramatically - the last week or so
things have been VERY slow - but there are other days when there can
be many postings in a single day. This is even more true when I
travel, and cannot always approve postings - the result is that when
I get a good connection I approve a group at once... this makes it
look like they have all been sent at once when in reality they have
just be approved at once. This is just to let you know that this
"feast or famine" has been normal for this list - and there is
nothing wrong with your email service.

  Speaking of service - the list is hosted by topica.com - and if
you have not already done so - go to their web site (www.topica.com)
and take the very short tutorial and learn how you can manage this
list as well as other lists using topica's nifty web interface for
email. Hopefully some day they will add a spell checker for people
like me - but otherwise it is really quite nice - and if you are on
many lists like I am, it can make things just a bit more organized.
There are also tons of lists on topica - some of them are quite
interesting. ou can also start your own list on topica just in case
you do not have enough to keep you busy... haha .....what did we do
with the time BEFORE we got all of this email everyday??


Jim Lindner
The Full Service Information Migration Company

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