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[ARSCLIST] What orchestra is ths ?

I have posted this in the past,with no luck,but have decided to try it again.I  am looking for the real identity of an orchestra on this song that was uploaded to the WFMU blog,on September 25,2007

The Song title given is "Little Boy,Little Girl".The pseudonym given here is "Betty Harris and Jack Arthur With The Diplomat Orchestra and Chorus".The record that it was uploaded from is called "Party Time:Dance and Game Songs" Twinkle Records TW-18

Twinkle and Diplomat,were of course,imprints of the infamous Synthetic Plastics company,of Newark New Jersey.Twinkle,was a 70s creation,that repackaged older titles from Diplomat,Spin-O-Rama,Guest Star,etc.I suspect if this title was previously issued,it probably came out on Guest Star,and probably was,in turned pirated from a legitimate issue from a tiny label,as most Guest Star records were.

This is a recording by a latin orchestra,and a very good one at that.It reminds me of both Ray Barretto,especially the flautist,and Tito Puente,and sounds like it was done in the  1950s.Whoever did the original recording,did an excellent job on it,it does not sound like a budget label recording.

Listen to it here:

The original song title would be nice to know,too.



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