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Re: [ARSCLIST] Using Modified Code Free Video Players

I am not familiar with DVD-VCR combos, but you should look at
the website VIDEOHELP.COM, hacks section.
Many DVD players have a region code menu which permits the
user to change the region of the machine, or set it to ALL regions.
The menu is accessed by entering a sequence of commands and numbers using
the remote control.  This information is NOT made available by the
manufacturers (they have established this technological enforcement
of their continental cartels, which I think should be outlawed as
restraint of trade) but is available free on the website cited.  There
are also companies which offer to SELL this information, or modify (HACK)
machines, but for many players it is foolish to spend money for this.
There are SOME brands which do NOT have a menu as described above, so do
the modification and replacement of the programming on the hardware chips,
that service is also available for hefty price.
  I do not know what, if any, legal issues exist, and all inquiries
this have received NO response.
  Best wishes, Thomas.

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Good day!

I am looking for a combination DVD-VCR that can play any region discs.  So
far, I've only found players that have been modified to be code free.  This
raises two questions:   first, are there players that are produced with that
feature already in place that would stand up to the expected wear-and-tear?
Second, would using a modified player present DMCA issues?

Any assistance you can provide to either/both questions would be


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