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[ARSCLIST] Motown LP by Stepin Fetchit

We have a patron seeking information on an LP by Stepin Fetchit that was scheduled for release by Motown in 1966 as MT-619 under the title A Day Out With The Family, produced by Robert Gordy.  I've checked with various Motown experts, and no one is sure if the LP was actually released, the only evidence being advertisements that show a photo of the album. Has anyone ever seen a copy? Or better yet, does anyone have a copy?

According to Bill Dahl, the following titles are in the Motown tape vaults, apparently constituting the tracks on the album:

Little Freedom Riders Are Short On Bread

A Day Out With The Family

Home Out Of Range

Free Advice

Gonna Miss Mississippi

Pretty Soon Your Valet Will Be Leaving

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

The Go Keep A Going Song (The Joy Song)

Thank The Noodle


Brenda Nelson-Strauss

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