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Re: [ARSCLIST] Converting Real Audio to wav

When I was working at Democracy Now we had a few pieces of audio that only existing as Real Audio streams on remote servers. We used mplayer with the -dumpstream option, worked well and fast, allowed us to retain the original without transcoding. It's free and works as a command line tool on many platforms.

mplayer -v -dumpstream rtsp://path/to/file.rm

David Rice

On Jan 29, 2009, at 5:24 PM, Mike Richter wrote:

Jim Sam wrote:
Does any one have a favorite program for converting real audio, or any real media, to a non-proprietary format, such as wav?
I'm asking in the spirit of being able to adequately preserve future acquisitions of archives.

Though I've not used it for that purpose, the Swiss army knife of A/ V converters is SuperC (the 'C' being the copyright symbol) from eRightSoft. Unfortunately, they make one struggle to find the download and the program is so powerful that it can be difficult to set up, but I believe it will do the job. It is freeware, so you risk only your time to try it - and we all have a great deal of that on hand, of course. <G>


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