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Re: [ARSCLIST] Soapbox

I think that the recordings would be treated as an asset and more than likely be sold to private collections. 



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Subject: [ARSCLIST] Soapbox

This may cause some to wonder about my naïvete here; certainly it is well 
ntentioned, and if anyone has reason to dismiss this suggestion altogether I 
ould love some feedback to calm my mind. But I read today that Sony lost 95 
ercent of its profit margin last quarter. It comes on the heels of news from a 
riend of mine who worked as a retail rep for UMG for years and years, an 
ntegral part of their retail operation. He was let go Friday.
My feeling is that some within ARSC might want to begin discussing strategies to 
revent, or at least combat, mass ditching of archival materials by such huge 
ompanies -- that are in possession of a large part of America's recorded 
eritage -- should they wind up on a receiver's index, or in a hostile takeover 
r cut-rate buyout, whatever. IASA needs to be involved as well, as many of the 
aterials are vaulted over in Europe. We should have the attitude that if huge 
anks like Merrill Lynch aren't able to "stay in business forever," then neither 
an these companies. Something to work on, discuss at this point. I just don't 
ant to be kicking myself if word comes that when Sony spun off its music 
ivision that the new20owner junked the metal masters belonging to RCA or some 
uch, and we didn't try to provide safe haven for them in some way.
Uncle Dave Lewis
nn Arbor, MI  

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