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Re: [ARSCLIST] RV: [ARSCLIST] Cleaning of grooved discs- how about fungus?

Sounds like you have a PH problem. My experience as an historical archivist would suggest using a neutral/acid free paper between your cds and an acid-free storage box. Acidic PH is the opposite of your problem (too basic) but you don't want to switch fungus for a corrosive. Keep it neutral.


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Thanks. I was being slightly fascetious about CDs, and by glass and crdboard, I meant the substrate of 78s... I did not realize you didn't know! Interesting challenge. I only do tape so sorry I can't help either. Good luck! 
Lou Judson • Intuitive Audio 
On Jan 27, 2009, at 3:48 PM, peter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 
> Lou: 
> I don't know exactly what they have other than some are older > Edison 78s and 
> most are more modern 33s. I didn't specify, as the thread I was > following 
> up on was talking about vinyl or shellac platters-not CDs or glass > masters. 
> To be a little more specific, this is an archive that wants to job > the work 
> out. We don't do platters at our lab (We just do tape- and the > occasional 
> CD, DVD or MO). They have about 50 boxes of "records" with fungus > and are 
> looking for potential vendors to handle the cleaning. As an=2
0> archive, they 
> are also particularly interested in saving the album covers and > labels as 
> well as the discs. They consider the entire "package" as worth > saving-not 
> just the recorded content. Also, I don't know just how many discs > they have 
> in the boxes but I figure, maybe 10 to 20 discs per box? 50 boxes > could add 
> up to a reasonable amount of cleaning and the archive really > doesn't want to 
> do this in-house. 
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