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Re: [ARSCLIST] RV: [ARSCLIST] Cleaning of grooved discs- how about fungus?

We have a client with a number of boxes of grooved discs with fungus.  Any
suggestions about techniques or labs that offer the service would be
appreciated.  The client is also very interested in preserving the album
covers and treating the labels at the center of the discs.

Peter Brothers

Tape restoration and disaster recovery since 1983

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Let me put in a good word for the VPI 17 machine. I've used mine to clean
well over 1000 records so 
far. It's on its third brush and vacuum arm. This is rugged, simple to use
and costs much less than 
a Monks machine, although it's not build quite as bulletproof. I would say
any but the largest 
collection would be OK with a VPI.

The most important tip with any automated record cleaner is to keep anything
that touches the record 
surface clean. I brush lint off the vacuum arm after each use, and wipe the
cleaning brush when I'm 
done with a few sides.

My VPI has never damaged a record and it has radically improved the
playability and enjoyment of 
some dusty relics. 

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