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Re: [ARSCLIST] museums for audio equipment

Perhaps the Pavek Museum in Minneapolis?


joe salerno

Warren, Richard wrote:
Happy New Year Folks!

Here comes that man with a new version of a question asked earlier (with little result, though enough earlier that I hope there must be changes by now):

What museums or other such preservation organizations are there currently active in which the recording equipment of Dick Burns's Overtone Records might be welcome ? (Unfortunately Yale has no capability to deal with these items).

As many of you know, Dick published a group of monaural LP's and also did custom recording jobs for musical groups (running from monaural into analogue stereo). He built or modified much of his electronic equipment and also benefited from the work of an audiophile who ran an expert machine shop and built or modified tape transports.

I'd appreciate hearing (richard.warren@xxxxxxxx)about possible homes for the Overtone equipment and can supply more specific information about the equipment.

Thanks, Richard

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