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[ARSCLIST] basic question from a newbie

Dear experts on recorded sound preservation,


The National Federation of the Blind owns thousands, if not tens of
thousands, of hours of sound recordings that we need to preserve in the
most efficient way, while still having ready access to them.  All of our
current recording is done digitally, and stored on MAM-A professional
grade gold CDs.  Our collections extend back to the 1950s and include
reel-to-reel and cassette masters, as well as digital audio tape and
other digitized recordings on CDs.  Much of the digitization of the
older material was done haphazardly.


As you can imagine, the sound archives are quite important to an
organization of blind people.  We would like retrospectively to insure
that all our recordings are digitized professionally and stored in a
little space as possible given concerns for preservation.


We recently joined ARSC, and I signed up for this listserv in order to
learn from folks in the sound preservation enterprise.


Any advice you can provide will be much appreciated!


I thank you in advance.


Ed Morman



Edward T. Morman, MSLS, PhD

Director, Jacobus tenBroek Library


1800 Johnson Street

Baltimore MD 21230

410.659.9314 x2225

410.6595129 (fax)


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