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Re: [ARSCLIST] Magnetic Recording History (was OTR online?

At 11:17 PM 2009-01-02, Michael Biel wrote:
I have good photocopies of the photographs and articles (in German) that were published during the war in Rundfunk magazine. And I also have the photocopy of the GE report that (I think) Friedrich sent me. I'd be glad to send scans out to someone who could host them on their site.

I could do that assuming that the material is all PD...which it may or may not be. As a U.S. citizen with web hosting located in the U.S., I need to abide by the longer of the U.S. or Canadian copyright law.

Now if I could just get Deitrich Schuller to send back the three Magnetophone tapes I loaned Friedrich to dub!

I remain equipped to transfer the 6.5 mm wide Magnetophonband at 77 cm/s (I actually use 30 in/s) and also 1 m/s (I've done a few reels at that speed).



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