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Re: [ARSCLIST] Meta comment with new subject line. 1TB hard drives

Our local electronic super store Frys.. has Western Digital 1tb hard drives on sale at least once a month for  $149.00    
The 10 drive investment is  around $1500.  Heck id spring for one of those 
Something to thik about 

--- On Sat, 10/25/08, Steven C. Barr <stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> From: Steven C. Barr <stevenc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] Meta comment with new subject line.
> To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008, 7:59 PM
> <original content NOT quoted...?!)
> I see ARSCLIST as a functional extension of ARSC
> itself...and those
> letters abbreviate "(The) Association Of Recorded
> Sound Collectors/
> Collections"...! This includes everyone from myself
> (who owns about
> 54,000 78rpm phonorecords)...to the "Recorded Music
> Department Of
> the Universal Library Of EVERYWHERE" which owns about
> eight
> million sound recordings in various formats...!
> Since SOME of the above-identified collections are
> maintained by
> staff(s) of professionally-trained librarians (with
> graduate degrees in
> "Library Science"...and others, like my own, are
> owned & maintained
> by un-degreed parties who just enjoy "old
> records" and try to compile
> data thereupon insofar as feasible, and thus DO NOT use any
> "official"
> library-science-sainted formats for data storage...there is
> a "twain" here
> which may NEVER meet!
> IMHO, ARSC(LIST) should be (1) trying to establish an
> acceptable
> "minimum-data" discographic data storage format
> (see under the
> "Abrams Files," which DO have room for
> expansion...?!)...and (2)
> trying to encourage its "official" (libraries,
> usw.) members to store
> the data relevant to their physical phonorecord holdings!
> Our eventual goal should be to establish, insofar as
> possible, a
> digital database listing (at the VERY least) EVERY 78rpm
> phonorecord ever issued! Once that task is accomplished, we
> can move on...to include EVERY sound recording ever
> commercially issued!
> And "step III" would/should/could be a DIGITAL
> archive
> containing ALL of the music included in the above group!!
> With one-terabyte (and larger?) hard-disk drives regularly 
> available...ALL of these projects are, or could be,
> accomplished!!
> Let's say an adequate digital  representation of a
> 78rpm
> phonorecord side requires 10 MEGAbytes (I may be wrong
> big-time here...?!). This means that our 1TB disk drive can
> hold 100,000 78rpm recording sides...!
> If my estimate of there having been 3,500,000 (+/-) 78rpm
> phonorecord having EVER been issued (probably a major
> OVER-estimate...?!)...this means we shall require about
> *70* such drives...or the expenditure of $14,000 or
> less...to
> store this "ultimate archive" (I leave it up to
> our members
> as far as LOCATING COPIES of all 3,500,000 78rpm
> phonorecords...?!).
> Note that a discographic-data archive would be
> significantly
> smaller! Let's take an estimate of 2KB (12 times the
> size of a
> typical "Abrams File" data record...?!) per
> phonorecord SIDE!
> This, in turn, means we shall require 3,5000,000 (number of
> issued 78rpm phonorecords) *2 (the number of sides on
> virtually
> all 78rpm phonorecords)...or some 7,000,000 data records
> total!
> Now, we take 2,000 bytes per single-side data record...and
> multiply
> THAT by the 7,000,000 estimated sides (7 megasides?!)...and
> we
> get about 14 gigabates of total data (this means our 1TB
> drive STILL
> has 986GB of available space?!).
> Point here being...
> (1) YES, this project is theoretically possible!!
> (2) And yes, even if we extend it to the once-promoted
> project of
> storing a digital sound file of EVERY...well, it is STILL
> technically
> possible!!
> (3) So, WHY are we still mucking about...EH?!?!
> Steven C. Barr
> (whose goal is a copy of EVERY 78 in existence...but,
> having certain
> space limitations defined by income limitations, will
> happily settle for
> the relevant discographic data (format TBA) on that
> selfsame set!!)


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