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Re: [ARSCLIST] Aren't recordings original sources?

On 22/10/08, Clark Johnsen wrote:

>> As to the optical playback of 78 rpm grooves: it is clear that all
>> the
>> present designers are floundering - they simply do not know how to
>> apply
>> this
>> extremely versatile tool.
> Seemingly true.
I think the future lies with scanning of the disc, and reconstruction as
a 3D object in the computer. Then the exact size and shape of the groove
can be found, and damage that affects only part of the groove can be
avoided. Combining the best parts of two or more copies becomes more

However, I think it will be a decade before this work gives practical
results. It is very demanding on the computer.
>> David Williams and myself assisted Chiba Sanju in March, 2001 at the
>> Boston
>> Audio Society demonstration of the ELP Laser Turntable. It was
>> supported by
>> the best equipment and Magneplanar speakers.
> Those, however good, would not have been my own choice.
>> The sound of both a vinyl
>> pressing of a 1936 cello and piano recording and a shellac pressing
>> of the same were both astounding.
> Yes.
> Wonder how the vinyl was made...

Don Cox

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