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Re: [ARSCLIST] ELP turntable/original recordings

I'm sorry, folks.  I guess I have missed much of this
discussion...probably because it began in the increasingly unwieldy
Original Recordings thread which I ceased reading days ago.

Apparently, Tom Fine wrote:
>> I was totally unimpressed with the demo CD that ELP
>> provided for the laser turntable.


dnelsonone@xxxxxxxxx added:
>>With the best of vinyl the ELP  sounded very good...  certainly not the
>answer to non contact playing of 
>>recorded sound.

I will agree that the ELP demo CD is not suitably impressive.  I have
achieved far better results in my own restoration work than demonstrated
there.  It is unfortunate that potential customers might be making their
decisions based solely on what they hear on that CD. 

I insisted on an in-person demonstration with material I knew well and I
was impressed enough (and I?m not typically easily impressed) to order a
machine on the spot.  I am putting together my own demonstration files
which I will post somewhere when life is a little less hectic.  (I
circulated a quick-n-dirty demo here some time ago which quite a few of
you requested.  Confidential to Tom: my prior offer to you still stands.)

The ELP LT is a complex and finicky device.  It?s not perfect (what audio
device ever has been??), but it is a valuable tool in restoration
work?especially with rare or unique material that one does not wish to
damage further with stylus playback.  When properly calibrated and fed
black discs, it can perform astoundingly well.  Don?t pass judgment on it
based only on the ?demo? CD.  In the hands of a careful restoration
engineer (or home user), the end results can be very impressive, indeed.

(in no way compensated by ELP for anything ever said about their products)

Charles Lawson <clawson@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Professional Audio for CD, DVD, Broadcast & Internet

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