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Re: [ARSCLIST] Absolute Polarity

At 03:29 PM 2008-10-20, Lou Judson wrote:
Richard, are you talking about recorded sounds or a comparison with
the abslute polarity heard in the room with the instrument?

Think of the sond emanating from the bottom of a piano, and how it
affects the listener in the same room (and what if it were recorded
with mics underneath - then which polarity should it have "on tape?"
Or snare, tympani, literally every percussion instrument? - how much
sound comes from the bottom?

Hello, Lou,

I'm talking about minimally mic'd recordings that are what the audience hears (or would hear if they were present). Clark has already said that a snare and bass drum are compression waves while tympani is a rarefaction wave.

I am asking Clark to provide some visual waveform guidance to confirm what I'm hearing. I believe it is a very narrow and specific request.

On many recordings, absolute polarity is not noticeable, but on many it is, and I thought if Clark had some insight that could be an assistance to confirming what my ears are hearing, that would be useful. He's requested time to respond to my post. Let's see what he says.



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