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Re: [ARSCLIST] Mercury Perfect Presence records

Good morning Tom-san and all,

At Thu, 16 Oct 2008 18:14:05 -0400,
Tom Fine wrote:
> As a followup to this, what I'm mainly interested in is,
> which studios used 35mm mag-film for Perfect Presence.
> As far as I can tell, it was Fine Recording in NYC,
> United Recording in Hollywood and Universal Recording in Chicago,
> and no one else. I have a couple of records listed but not 
> detailed by Kohji-san and I will provide details to those soon,
> I have to pull them out of storage so it may be a few days.

As far as I know, PPS (Perfect Presence Series) titles starting
from PPS-2020/6020 to PPS-2032/6032 proudly claims "f:35d Perfect
Presence Sound Recording" on covers which indicates 35mm mag-film
was used during the recordings.

As always, Ruppli's 5-volume discography books don't always contain
enough reliable information for such things as precise recording studios,
but here is what I can show you mostly from my own collection
(some of them not up on my website yet):

2020/6020    Fine Recording, NYC
2021/6021    Fine Recording, NYC
2022/6022    United Recording Studios, Hollywood
2023/6023    United Recording Studios, Hollywood
2024/6024    Fine Recording, NYC
2025/6025    Fine Recording, NYC
2026/6026    Radio Recorders Studios, Hollywood
2027/6027    Fine Recording, NYC
2028/6028    Fine Recording, NYC
2029/6029    (I don't have this, and Ruppli's book don't have much info)
2030/6030    (no detailed info on the cover)
2031/6031    Radio Recorders Studios, Hollywood
2032/6032    Fine Recording, NYC

Hope this helps, Kohji

 MATSUBAYASHI, 'Shaolin' Kohji                 shaolin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Maintainer, Jazz Discography Project          shaolin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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