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Re: [ARSCLIST] Software for Mac

At 06:27 PM 2008-10-14, Robert Cham wrote:

MOTU 896 fed from a tweaked Otari to transfer master tapes from the '70s.

I do have a concern that my older 896 running at 14 bit 96 KHz may not be enough to capture the detail on these coincindentally miced recordings made on Studers. Opinions anyone?

Hi, Bob,

I assume you mean 24 bit, not 14 bit...

If you mean 24 bit at 96 ks/s, then the first question I'd ask is what Otari and how tweaked?

Then, I'd like to know what mics, speed, tape, noise processing, and which Studer recorded them.

I suspect, all-in-all, the MOTU 896 would probably be OK. I can't really hear a problem with the 828 MK II and I did some depressed-level listening tests to see how the noise sounded (recording with peaks at -50 dBFS or so and then boosting the sound about 50 dB.

There is always the fear that you're missing something, but, in reality there isn't all that much up there. There are arguments (that I'm not well versed in making) that 192 ks/s is inferior to 96. There have been long discussions about that which have caused my eyes to glaze over on the ProAudio list. Maybe Bob Ohlsson can clarify?



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