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Re: [ARSCLIST] Software for Mac

Hi Craig,

I wonder why your systems guy warned you off of Bootcamp. It works very well and supposedly has more compatibility with Windoze software because it's actually booting from it without running OS 10 in Parallel. I talked to someone today who was having trouble with Parallels that she didn't have with Bootcamp, but she needed to run both systems simultaneously.

I use Bootcamp when I need Windows, but would avoid it for audio transfer work because of all of the wonderful Mac software available. I too use BIAS Peak and Soundsoap with a MOTU 896 fed from a tweaked Otari to transfer master tapes from the '70s.

When I have a free moment, I will see if anything available within Logic studio works any better. I do have a concern that my older 896 running at 14 bit 96 KHz may not be enough to capture the detail on these coincindentally miced recordings made on Studers. Opinions anyone?

Bob Cham

Hi all,

I'm deciding whether or not to move my audio transfer workflow to Mac.
 Pretty much everything else I do is on Mac, particularly since we do
a lot with video oral histories.  Right now I use both SoundForge and
WaveLab on a Windows machine, and have considered trying Boot Camp and
Parallels so I can run them on my Mac.  My systems guys warned me off
of Boot Camp, and so that leaves either Parallels ($79), so I can run
my software, or getting audio software that will run on a Mac.  I can
always stay with my Windows machine for audio, but it drives me a bit
bonkers with its wonkiness.  Any suggestions or sharing of experiences
using Parallels would be welcome.


Craig Breaden
Head, Media and Oral History
Richard B. Russell Library for Political Research and Studies
Main Library
University of Georgia
Athens, GA  30602-1641
(p) 706-542-5782
(f) 706-542-4144

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