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[ARSCLIST] Mutual Presents The National Symphony Orchestra

I own one of these programs,in a three Lp box,from 1982.A complete concert,of Debussy, Poulenc,and Mozart,by the NSO,under Rafael Frubeck de Burghos.This is similar  in format to the Superstar Concert Series,King Biscuit Flower Hour,and other rock concert vinyl radio shows of the period,and has the commecials on the records.It comes in a black box,with Rostropovich's picture on it.

I bought this on eBay,over four years ago,and it remains the only one I have seen,before or since.I am aware of how few concerts like this,were put out on vinyl,of American orchesras. I always thought that this was because doing so,was such a costly endeavor,and only broadcasting services,such a BBC.CBC,NHK,or Radio Nederland,that received considerable state underwriting,could afford it.The rock,and country shows like this,were I believe paid for,by stations,that ran them,and they were expensive.So I assume,it was more cost effective to transmit concerts,over phone lines,or by satellite.

I hold out no hope,of ever finding another one of these programs,but would anybody be able to tell me how many they put out,and what was on them?




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