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Re: [ARSCLIST] Two articles in today's Wall St. Journal worth Reading

From: "Steve Ramm" <Stevramm@xxxxxxx>

> Big day for sound recordings today in the Wall Street Journal:
> First, is this great article on the newest Archeophone release - Campaign
> '08:       _Running on Wax Cylinders - WSJ.com_
> (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122367135148524013.html)

I saw the Archephone staff, Megan, Richard, and David G. at the Wayne NJ
Phonograph Show today and they were excited about the WSJ article and I
told them that Steve had posted the URL for it.  They had to hurredly
send the Journal the links for the audio clips.  They had been hoping
that the press would pick up on the CD, and they figured that now the
WSJ wanted something -- anything -- to take the spotlight off the
economic crisis!  And yes, I bought a copy of the disc.

Mike Biel   mbiel@xxxxxxxxx  

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