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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSC Journal needed..repeat

David Lennick wrote:

Since one assumes that copies (or at least ONE copy...?!) of these "out of print"
items MUST still exist...would it not be possible...even simple...to use a scanner
to create digital images of these...which could then be printed out as someone
might request...?!

While the digitization of information has been problematic for those in charge of
preserving it...it has also substantially simplified the process thereof (even if the
archived data has yet to reflect that fact...?!)!!

I wonder why all the ARSC archives aren't online somewhere..even for pay.

Simple in principle, difficult and costly in practice.

Given unlimited resources, "straightforward" would be a preferred term. Given the real world, "improbable" is the kindest term I can come up with.


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