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Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSC Journal needed..repeat

You can also go to your local library and request any article through their interlibrary loan services if requests to the list do not pan out.
Jim, a local librarian


From: Association for Recorded Sound Discussion List on behalf of David Lennick
Sent: Fri 10/10/2008 10:28 AM
To: ARSCLIST@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [ARSCLIST] ARSC Journal needed..repeat

Sorry, I cited the wrong issue (15:1 instead of 13:1) but the one I want is
also out of print.

Vol 13:1 (Out of Print)
A Discotopolgy Primer; Discography--Pre-LP Recordings of RCA at 33 1/3 rpm,
1931-1934, Part 1: Selective Discography of the Civil Rights Movement; book and
record reviews.

David Lennick wrote:
> Farrington, Jim wrote:
>> Contact ARSC's executive secretary, Peter Shambarger
>> (execdir@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx), to obtain copies of back issues. You can se
>> the form found at http://arsc-audio.org/pdf/pubs-order-form.pdf. 
>> Jim Farrington
>> Subject: [ARSCLIST] ARSC Journal needed..repeat
>> A repeat request.> Anyone have a copy of ARSC Journal Vol. 13 #1
>> they'd care to part with? The
>> Victor 33RPM pages would be fine but I'd like to have the entire issue if
>> anyone has one for sale.
>> Thanks
>> DL
> 1983
> Vol 15:1 (Out of Print)
> Uriah Hunt Painter; Discography--Pre-LP Recordings of RCA at 33 1/3 rpm,
> Part 3, book and record reviews; Current Bibliography; The Way of the
> Living; For the Record.
> I'd have ordered that one ages ago when ARSC offered back issues but as
> you can see, this one isn't available.
> dl

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