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Re: [ARSCLIST] Cassette players

At 07:05 PM 2008-10-09, David Goren wrote:
the U.K-based high-speed system I mentioned a while ago is
definitely voice-only as it outputs 22.5 ks/s files. That one
appears to be aimed at churches that have 5000 sermons on cassettes
and want to do them in four minutes each.

The review says you can select 44.1 if desired.

Hi, David,

And the tech docs say that their software contains a built-in sample rate converter if you need 44.1 for conversion to CD.

I think that at their 8x speed the choice of 22.05 was probably a good one. We continue to see very little energy above 10 kHz even on many music cassettes, even with Nak Dragons and auto azimuth performing properly. In fact, for access copies for oral histories, cutting off the high end at 7-10 kHz makes them sound better as all that is up there is noise and a few distortion products.

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