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Re: [ARSCLIST] on record: presidential debates 1908 style

Steven C. Barr wrote:

After all, in 1908, cylinders weren't yet manufactured using moulds...so should aq
politician elect to record a speech himself, he would have to repeat it an incredible
number of times...?!

Steven C. Barr

What are you talking about?????????? Cylinders had been moulded since 1902.
But, IIRC, Edison...the primary cylinder "label" of the first decades of the
20th century...didn't introduce "moulded" cylinders until 1908...?!

Steven C. Bar4r

*1902 1902 1902 1902 1902 1902*

According to Koenigsburg, production of moulded cylinders for public sale started in January 1902, the first catalog was released March 1902 and the first newly recorded cylinder to not have been released in the old method was 8004 which was released in June 1902.

The 4-minute black wax Amberol was introduced in 1908, and the celluloid Blue Amberol was introduced in Oct 1912, at which point the production of wax cylinders of 2 and 4 minute types ceased.

But there is another factor to consider. Edison had been using a moulding process for cylinder masters since 1898. So it would have been possible to record one master as early as that. That master would be moulded to a metal negative which would be used to make wax dubbing or pantograph masters that would be pantographed or dubbed to copies for sale.

Mike Biel mbiel@xxxxxxxxx

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